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A Fine Ladies Album and Commonplace Book - Helen Maria Imrie

A Fine Ladies Album and Commonplace Book – Helen Maria Imrie

Helen Maria Imrie, etc. 34 leaves. Two rows of elaborate stamped decorative devices on cover; outer border gilt stamped. An array of different colored pages, some with Dobbs Patent embossed border decoration including French love sentiments. A fine lady’s book. The content is complete and the book is filled with the exception of two pages. The content includes an array of art including eight (8) cut-out and applied original floral arrays, two (2) near full page watercolors in charcoal and watercolor featuring a pair of grouse signed W. Gunton 1832, a small perforated paper with watercolor of a bird, pencil drawing of Portrait of Rembrandt, pencil drawing of lads around camp fire, pen and ink of Lord Byran, fine miniature penwork titled "Affection" with laurel wreath and a pair of love birds, pencil drawing of a male dancer and his shadow, an applied 2 1/4" x 4 1/2" hand penned eternal love knot, a loose fine cutwork depicting a shelter with a shepherd and sheep, applied pencil and pen work of shoes through the ages from 1544-1830, tipped-in watercolor of floral array and a provocative pencil and watercolor of a young woman.The writings, mostly by the owner with a few entries by others, mostly women include A Friendship Wreath (poem), Boarding school Notice – interpretation of what was needed, Character of Napolean Bonepart as drawn by Wm Phillips 1814 narrative, character of Madame de Stache as drawn Lady Morgan of France (narrative), Retrospection by J.A.S. in 1866, Translation of some French verses to Lord Byron, Copy of "A Maltese Woman’s Petition" original sent to Ladies Malta Charitable Society, The Cost of War, The Answer, Character of James the First of England, A Stranger, "Since your honor is so good", Love of God, Recipe – a Cure for Love, Oh moralists, who heard of happiness and self-respect, When did personal variety listen to the suggestions of Prudence, Luther – A Fragment (26 verse poem), miscellaneous verses and writings.Measures 10 1/4" x 8 1/4". Most likely Helen Maria Imrie 4 Aug 1820 – 24 Jul 1904, Ferry-Port-on-Craig, Fife, Scotland.
A Hallowe'en Adventure: A Play For Young People

A Hallowe’en Adventure: A Play For Young People

Effie Louise Koogle 26pp. Grey paper wrapper with a decorative border surrounding the title on the front cover. A small box of text in the center describes the play as "full of ghostly excitement and spooky frolic", then gives the run time and actors required for the production. The inside cover lists other holiday-specific plays published by the March Brothers related to Hallowe’en, Armistice Day, and Thanksgiving, as well as two "Americanization Plays" that focus on citizenship and assimilation. And on the back cover, there is an ad for "Fancy Dress Costumes for Masquerade Parties and Entertainments" that lists options for children, women, as well as specific options such as Uncle Sam costumes, colonial costumes, and Santa Claus costumes. Play tells the story of a young girl named Nell Norton and her friends at an all-girls school hatching a scheme to sneak out on Halloween and visit Sleepy Hollow to see some ghosts. Boys from a nearby all-boys school, not allowed to go to the festivities due to a prank the earlier year, learn about the girl’s plan and decide to try and scare them by dressing up like ghosts, pretending to capture them, then appearing as famous figures like Rip Van Winkle, Napoleon, and Ichabod Crane. However, Nell and her friend Gloria, while frightened by the fake kidnapping, have fun meeting these ghosts and are disappointed when they must leave. The play ends with the boys taking off their costumes and admitting that Nell and Gloria may have fallen for their trick, but it wouldn’t be long before the girls found them out – as one admits, "our humiliation will equal their fright". With obvious admiration for Nell and the girls, they agree that it was all worth it to "clash wits with girls of their caliber". Measures 7 1/4" x 5".
Social and Event archives from the Pottstown chapter of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Social and Event archives from the Pottstown chapter of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Fred K. Reigner A well organized three-ring binder chocked full of material relating to the activities of this social club for men interested in planes and aviation. It includes over 150 individual pieces of ephemera. The archive was maintained by the chairman, Fred K. Reigner. The categories include:Civil Air PatrolNotices 1953Newspaper ClippingsLetters ReceivedLetters mailed and an array of loose materials including the layout of the Pottstown Airport, a revoked Civil Patrol airman’s card, an insignia circular, menus and invitations for local events and fly-ins and much more. For a comprehensive description click HERE In November of 1953, the Pottstown chapter of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) – a social club for men interested in planes and aviation – elected Fred K Reigner as their new Chairman. The Chairman had a lot of responsibilities, especially in the Pottstown AOPA – JB "Doc" Hartranft, the President of the AOPA in 1953, was quoted in a local Pennsylvania newspaper complimenting the chapter, saying "you folks really do what you plan." As Chairman, Frank K Reigner planned dozens of outings around Pennsylvania and beyond, sending letters almost daily to coordinate their meetings and social events. In one binder, he kept his notes and copies of all his correspondence for the year he was Chairman, leaving behind an incredible snapshot of the world of the AOPA in the 1950s.
Archive - Photos & Brochures - Bank Architecture - Tilghman Moyer & Company

Archive – Photos & Brochures – Bank Architecture – Tilghman Moyer & Company

Warrren Graeff Photographer A group of materials from the Tilghman, Moyer & Co., architectural and construction firm from the 1920s-30s. It includes photographs, promotional newsletter and a large format soft cover presentation book all with images from photographs or actual photographs of the interior and exterior of the bank buildings, with emphasis on decorative design and vaults. The materials are as follows:Over 30 actual 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" photographs, interiors and exteriors from banks in the mid-Atlantic region including Tokama Park, Souderton, Perkesic, West Chester and Phoenixville. All but two are identified on reverse with pencil notation.Ten (10 ) promotional pieces provided by the firm as Fore site Supplements" all included interiors, exteriors, a floor plan and narratives of identified banks throughout the region. All but the one from 1928 are 6 pp fold-outs, 1982 is 8 pp. Each with a marketing narrative1928 – Without Leaving Your Desk1928 – Expressing Your True Self 1928 – Thorough the Publics EyeJan 1929- We All Know These ThingsMay 1930 – Architecture Is for Every-day UseJuly 1930 – An Asset the Statement Doesn’t ShowOct. 1930 – Art has Changed Its TempoDec 1930 – What does the Public ThinkJan 1931 – Does Your Bank Building Owe You AnythingMar 1931 – Prices Claim AttentionThe final item is an unnumbered 70 plus page book titled Bank Architecture – Illustrated from recent work designed built decorated and furnished by the Tilghman Moyer company of Allentown Pennsylvania. Each page with a single image from a photograph of a particular feature of a particular bank. Each identified as to the feature, the bank name and location. Images 7 1/4" x 5 3/4". Book measures 13 1/2" x 10 1/4".