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BUFFON, GEORGE LOUIS LECLERC, COMTE DE 1707-1788 and DAUBENTON, LOUIS-JEAN-MARIE 1716-1800. 17 bound in 13 volumes QUARTO 11 x 9 inches, being volumes 1-17 of the mammals section of the Dutch quarto edition of Buffon. An almost complete set of the mammals- an 18th volume was published in 1793 and is not present. Of the total number of 720 plates – 354 are FINE FULL PAGE PLATES OF MAMMALS, the other plates are anatomical, skeletons, horns etc. Included is also a portrait of Buffon, some decorative vignettes and 4 maps including one twin globe of the poles. The text appears complete. There is occasional old stains to the text but only about 20 plates are very slightly marginally affected. Very good clean dark impressions of these stunning plates- all the animals sit within engraved backgrounds of rural, urban or architectural scenes deemed to suit their species- with engraved black borders. Bound in a leather binding of half period calf over boards. Included in the plate count are 21 dogs, 5 domestic cats, 6 rabbits, at least 23 big cats including lions and tigers, 14 bats, 40 moneys, 3 giraffes, 4 hippos, 2 rhinos, 3 elephants, 2 camels, 4 zebras, 6 seals/sea lions and every sort of mammal from all over the world. A quarto 18th century edition of this great classic.

VIEWS IN THE HIMALAYAS, drawn on the spot.

SCOTT, MRS. WILLIAM L.L. Large folio 22×18 inches, rebound using the original leather spine and printed upper board. Pictorial lithographed title, and 14 large lithographed views by Thomas Picken, W. Walton and W. Simpson after Anne Eliza Scott, leaf of letterpress printed in blue (comprising dedication, notes and descriptions of the plates). Complete. Condition- title and plates laid on thin card, First plate trimmed to the side margins, and two other plates trimmed to one margin- but all titles present. Some old marginal stains. A very scarce work and when found often in poor condition. A reasonable restored copy of this work. STUNNING LARGE VIEWS OF THE HIMALAYAS. The views are mostly of the Simla region of the Himalayas, where Anne Eliza Scott (1810-1892) spent time in 1850 and 1851. Scott was the eldest daughter of Colonel Kirkwood. She married Lieutenant William L.L. Scott of the Bengal Army in 1838. They travelled to India in 1839 and some years later Mrs Scott was informed that the Governor-General Lord Dalhousie and others would like some familiar scenes of the Himalayas to be published. In the preface Scott writes – with this object in view I commenced the undertaking, though with slight prospects of success; delicate health, limited hours, and the rainy season, materially interrupting the progress of the drawings, which required to be finished on the spot; therefore, however startling the effects of the drawings may be, each view is a most faithful copy of the scene as it was taken at the time. RARE. Bibliography Abbey Travel 500.
THE ANIMAL KINGDOM arranged according to its organization.

THE ANIMAL KINGDOM arranged according to its organization.

CUVIER, GEORGES BARON (Jean Léopold Nicolas Frédéric, Baron Cuvier) 1769-1832. 4 volumes octavo 8 x 5 1/2 inches. Original bindings but very worn and some boards detached. Text and plates bound together. Mixed edition of 1834 and 1837. 4 titles, text and ILLUSTRATED WITH A TOTAL OF 687 HAND COLOURED PLATES. This work seems to be rarely absolutely complete and most copies have varying plate numbers thus sold as described. HAND COLOURED PLATES = INSECTS and ZOOPHYTES 125 hand coloured plates (plus 3 uncoloured), MAMMALS 66 hand coloured plates (plus 17 uncoloured), BIRDS 112 hand coloured plates (plus 2 uncoloured), MOLLUSCS, CRUSTACEA, ANNELIDES and ARACHNIDES 199 hand coloured plates (plus 13 uncoloured), REPTILES 41 hand coloured plates (plus 3 uncoloured), FISH 144 hand coloured plates (plus 9 uncoloured). Occasional spotting particularly to the uncoloured plates and titles. A lovely compendium of hand coloured plates of natural history subjects. Bindings worn but THE HAND COLOURED PLATES ARE VERY CLEAN AND WITH EXCEPTIONALLY BRIGHT HAND COLOURING, some with added gum Arabic. The text is also clean and in good condition. Georges Cuvier, was a French naturalist and zoologist, sometimes referred to as the founding father of palaeontology. His most famous work is Le Règne Animal – English: The Animal Kingdom. In 1819, he was created a peer for life in honor of his scientific contributions. Thereafter, he was known as Baron Cuvier.

STUDIO D’ARCHITETTURA CIVILE, sopra gli Ornamenti di Porte e Finestre tratti da alcune Fabbriche insigni di Roma.

ROSSI, DOMENICO DE (1659 – 1730). 2 volumes, folio 18 1/2 x 13 inches. Leather bound in full period calf, hinge slightly cracked on volume one and volume two rebacked. Volume one and volume one part two- the third part was published 10 years later in 1721 and is not here present. 206 engraved leaves – these volumes complete. 2 engraved titles, one engraved architectonic dedication, one leaf of text, one leaf list of plates and 201 ENGRAVED ARCHITECTURAL PLATES. A FINE COLLECTION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGRAVINGS OF ITALIAN PALACES AND CHURCHES- occasional minor marginal but a good set. Bibliography – Berlin Catalogue, Kissner Collection. Like other publications with the de Rossi imprint, this three-part volume makes a contribution to the accurate recording and documentation of Rome’s modern architecture and topography. Each part deals with a specific and closely defined typology, doors and windows, chapels and funeral tombs, and the decoration of various Roman buildings, respectively. The technical-professional character of these books shows that they were clearly intended for architects. In addition to its function as a teaching text for the Roman architecture school and the architectural school of the French Academy in Rome, the Studio Civile seems to have found a wide audience abroad. The Studio Civile thus became one of the earliest examples, albeit unwittingly so, of pattern books that inspired builders not educated in the classical and monumental traditions of architectural design. Millard Catalogue.


ACCADEMI ERCOLANESE (Bayardi, Piroli et al). Le Antichita de Ercolano esposte. 9 volumes (including Ottavio Bayardi’s Catalogo degli Antichi Monumenti. di Ercolano. 9 VOLUMES Folio 18 1/2 x 14 inches, full period speckled calf, some spines very worn. Bayardi Catalogo in a slightly variant binding. 8 portraits, one double-page map, 609 PLATES (of 610) of which 4 double-page or folding, approximately 790 text-illustrations and 547 initials (including repeats). A magisterial early survey of the Roman antiquities unearthed at Herculaneum: one of the catalysts of the classical revival of the late-18th century. This beautifully produced work was written and edited by the members of Accademi Ercolanese (a body set up in 1755 by Bernardio Tanucci, the Neapolitan secretary of State) under the patronage of the King of the Two Sicilies and was printed by the Regia Stamperia (Royal printing-works) of Naples: it was apparently usually presented as a Royal gift to interested dilettanti and collectors but is now rarely found complete. The set was published in three distinct parts; the first deals with the murals PITTURE and is in five volumes with 324 plates; the second on the bronzes BRONZI is in two volumes with 188 plates and the third is a single volume on lamps and candelabra LUCERNI ED I CANDELABRI with 97 plates. It is unclear which plate as not been bound in. The bookplate of Castlecraig. Cf. Berlin Kat. 3947; cf. Blackmer 97; cf. Cicognara 2645.

A NEW, AUTHENTIC, AND COMPLETE ACCOUNT OF VOYAGES ROUND THE WORLD, UNDERTAKEN AND PERFORMED BY ROYAL AUTHORITY. CONTAINING A NEW, AUTHENTIC, ENTERTAINING, INSTRUCTIVE, FULL AND COMPLETE HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF CAPTAIN COOK’S FIRST, SECOND, THIRD AND LAST VOYAGES. The Whole of these Voyages of Capt. James Cook, &c. being Newly written by the Editors from the Authentic Journals of Several Principal Officers and other Gentlemen of the most Distinguished Naval and Philosophical Abilities, who sailed in the Various Ships, and now publishing under the Immediate Direction of. Assisted, Very Materially, by a Principal Officer who sailed in the Resolution Sloop, and by Many Other Gentlemen of the Royal Navy.

COOK, JAMES & ANDERSON, GEORGE WILLIAM. Small folio 15×10 inches, original calf, worn but tastefully rebacked with gilt ship tooling. iv, 1-656 pages of text plus 2 page list of subscribers – ILLUSTRATED WITH A PORTRAIT FRONTISPIECE OF COOK AND 156 PLATES AND MAPS – INCLUDING A LARGE FOLDING MAP OF THE WORLD. COMPLETE and carefully collated. Condition – the world map has been cleaned and is loose but in good condition, some overall spotting and some more serious browning to the top corner of the last few leaves. The occasional chipped corner without loss of text. A work often found in poor condition- here in an average state. A superb compilation of all Cook’s voyages and probably the best of the 18th century compilations with fine plates. It was designed for those who could not afford the big Cook set so that- The Poor as well as the Rich will thus become familiarly acquainted with these extraordinary and important Voyages and Discoveries (publisher’s preface). Included in the work are also the voyages of Byron, Wallis, Carteret, Mulgrave, Anson and Drake.